You won’t become a Millionaire by buying today’s dip. This is not real blood in the streets but more like a punch in face and your nose bleeding. So pace yourself and keep some cash aside. It could get juicier.

I saw a post earlier quoting that Millionaires are made today. BS!

I'm not a veteran in the market and won't pretend to be but I believe in these things as of today:

  • Millionaire won't be made by today's dip. A real BTC and market dip imo is below and between 20 to 50% and Satan knows maybe further down…

  • Real money is made when there's blood in the streets. This right now is more like a punch in the face and your nose bleeding. Don't be fool as it could get turn into a real blood bath!

  • Don't listen to everyone's predictions and fomo. Don't go ape and all-in in a coin that dipped 10-15%. Always have some cash aside, DCA and pace yourself. The markets tend to rewards those who are discipline and patient.

May your hodl 10X and I wish you the very best in this Bull Market

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