You received SCAMMED. You did not get HACKED! For God’s sake be taught the distinction and when you suppose you bought ‘HACKED’, write the small print as to what occurred so the group can be taught what the f* occurred and never panic for his or her crypto cash.

Crypto Wojak 1: "Guys I got hacked. Lost $100 gazillion. My funds were on Metamask."

Crypto Wojak 2: "Oh fuck Metamask ffs!!!"

10 hours later:

Crypo Wojak 1: "Oh guys I totally forgot to say this but I clicked a Discord link and they asked me to validate my wallet for free NFTs so I put in my seed phrase and after that my funds were drained. But lemme just write a post saying I got HACKED and METAMASK SUXXXX!!!!"


For fuck's sake, most people that misplaced their crypto cash received SCAMMED, not HACKED. Did somebody all of a sudden invent a quantum laptop able to breaking SHA-256 cryptography? Because that's actually what it takes to 'hack' your crypto pockets with out your seed phrase.

The complete level of crypto is that NOBODY, no MACHINE, no CIA, no NSA, no Illuminati, no Bogdanoff can HACK your crypto pockets, that's the entire fucking level of crypto ffs. So you may fucking think about why ppl begin to panic when some rando Wojaks that received scammed like a noob however cries out loud how he received 'hacked'. Then everybody begins to suppose 'what if this occurred to me????' and 'does this imply Ledger and Metamask usually are not safu??'

If solely individuals may very well be clear and write out step-by-step what truly occurred and cease spreading these bullshit concern tales.

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