You don’t get more moons for downvoting posts. Don’t be afraid to show your support to a well-researched post <3

*DISCLAIMER* this is not an accuse to anyone ofc.

During these days I often go to "new posts" section because the most upvoted posts during are just about the infrastucture Bill. I see many well-researched posts getting less than 10 upvotes and 50-60 comments and this make me a bit upset because this lack of support discourage many kind redditors. Karma farming is a thing, we can't deny it, but showing love to who writes informative posts about crypto and put some effort in it may improve this community, already amazing 🙂

We're all here to learn and teach and if we can do it by earning something, why not?

Love you guys <3

EDIT: Thanks a lot for the awards, I really appreciate it 🙂

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