We wanted decentralization. This is it. Billionaires adopting and trying to manipulate? Newbies yoloing into doggy coins? This is all mass adoption. It’s already here.

We have been dreaming about mass adoption and decentralization. We wondered what it would be like. We have been asking ourselves that question since 2016 and possibly even earlier.


Here is your answer. This is how the market looks like when we start to see a tiny bit of mass adoption.

Billionaires are manipulating the market? It's a part of the mass adoption game we have to accept. There are ways to resist it, but you can't just say "Please Elton go home and shut up" because guess what, Elton won't go home and shut up.

You can't ban anyone from coming into this space, that's the whole point of fucking decentralization. You can't ban a billionaire from participating in the same way you can't ban a school teacher from participating.

You want to complain about people buying doggy coins? Same shit. Tough luck that your coin is only seeing 1000% growth and not 10,000% boo. Again, you can resist your FOMO and you can invest smartly into fundamentals, but you cannot ban people from spending their money. It's their money and you're not HSBC. No matter how much you wish for it, you can't ban people from buying Bitconnect or Cumdoggy coins or whatever, they'll learn from their experience and that's how the market will correct it self.

Rejoice crypto hodlers.

The days we have been dreaming about have arrived.

Don't be a bunch of salties.

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