Unpopular Opinion: The potential of earning real-word rewards from posting/commenting stifles genuine discussion.

This is my third attempt at posting this. The first one was removed after receiving 14 comments, with no explanation, and the second was removed after 17 comments with an explanation that I cannot read all of. "Your post has been removed because the coin you posted about…" is all I can read.

Long time lurker, short term commenter, and jaded fool. I have 1 Moon… total.

After some consideration, I have determined that the entire concept of real-world rewards for participating in a subreddit (while an interesting experiment) is a terrible idea. This sub is drasitcally different than all the others that I frequent. People are stingy about liking posts, are quick to down vote comments, and seldom comment for fear of being downvoted. It has created a culture that does nothing to further our cause as Crypto enthusiasts, it actually stifles it.

Instead of people coming here to participate in a world changing technology, learn about it, and mentor others… they come here to try and get MOONS.

Look at the rest of Reddit. People go off on crazy tangents that are often hilarious. Song lyric, just 'F', shit about Five Heads, etc. It's fun and encourages user participation, that then leads to a sense of community that in turn encourages more participation. This sub is like one of those coffee shop in Hollywood where all the employees are trying to pitch a screenplay or are auditioning for parts… and so are all the customers. No one knows who is who and they're all worried about blowing it with someone that they didn't know was actually someone. It's like the sell-out capital of the world filled with the most fake ass people that are desperately trying to say the right thing to get MOONS instead of being themselves.

Right now, you're asking yourself if I made this post as a desperate attempt to get MOONS. Of course, you are, it has become the entire purpose of this sub for a bunch of people. We look at every post with that same scrutiny because a bunch of the people making them are not being authentic, they are simply attempting to get MOONS.

If I were in charge, I'd just give everyone a random number of moons for following this sub.

tl;dr The promise of potential moons for upvotes stifles community interaction.

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