Tomorrow is MOON Snapshot day. For those new to the Subreddit and MOONs, here is a summary of all available MOON Information available: ALL THINGS MOON

This is a collection of all available resources I was able to find on CryptoCurrency's MOON (updated since last posting). From Official Subreddit information to Community Member provided information to Exchanges and more.

This list should provide our new family members with all of the information they need to get started with MOON. This thread will also act as a good place to Ask and Answer any MOON related questions that these resources do not cover.

About MOONs

Official Information:

Unofficial Information:

Community Created Information:

Exchanges/Swaps (use at own risk):

⚠ Reminder: Hodling your Moons increases your influence in governance polling, boosts your take from future distributions, and generally helps increase price by keeping down the supply. Dont take small gains today, take big gains tomorrow!

(If you know of other quality resources, please comment below with a link to them and I will update this list accordingly)

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