This liquidity aggregator might change the game in the DeFi space.

I’m on the lookout for DeFi projects lately and one of the promising projects I found is Grizzly. Basically, it’s a liquidity aggregator that aims to make DeFi accessible to everyone through intuitive UI and features that can save us from a couple of clicks. I attended their Aug 2021 AMA, and here's what I found out.

  • Grizzly is a liquidity mining hub. We don't invest in Grizzly per se but we invest THROUGH it. There's actually a huge difference. This means they don't necessarily have competition as the Grizzly maximizes DEX potential via smart contracts that focus on stable coin pairs.
  • The platform has a strong emphasis on accessibility. This explains the bear, honey, etc. imagery even I got weirded with at first. Bears (investors) give their coins to bees (smartcontracts) that tap into hives (liquidity pools) and generate the Honey Token as well as other rewards. I guess the simple imagery makes it easier for DEX newcomers to join? (The whole process of investing is made much easier. “One-click investment process” is here a Keyword)
  • Aside from images, the Grizzly smart contracts also help with accessibility. They're designed to auto-compute ideal daily reinvests which gives higher yields.
  • If successful, their "Collaterized Liquidity Mining" can be a HUGE deal. We've never seen anything like this. This can remove the risks of selling your BTC etc to do liquidity mining, since Grizzly becomes a "lending platform" for crypto. If you don't want to deal with your BTC directly, you can just take out a loan and work with it instead. Since the smart contract also regulates this process, theoretically we shouldn't worry about liquidation risks for the loans.

Overall Grizzly seems pretty neat. Of course, it’s still essential for beginners to DYOR especially on DeFi but making it more accessible an

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