The entire “Cryptocurrency mining is unhealthy for the atmosphere” is only one of many big gaslighting methods by the federal government accountable the typical Joe for being detrimental to the atmosphere moderately than mega companies and their factories.

You at all times hear about how companies and the media condescendingly lecture about how we're supposed to alter our life with a view to be greener all whereas they proceed to spew poisonous waste supplies from their factories and manufacturing vegetation. What provides to the hypocrisy is that every one these "environmentally progressive" leaders use their non-public jets to go to atmosphere summits to barely take note of what's occurring. Also, add to that the lively fear-mongering in direction of nuclear vitality, one of many greenest vitality sources identified to man, and twisting it right into a nuclear apocalypse ticking time bomb.

But let's speak about mining, the way it's detrimental to the atmosphere. No, I'm not speaking about cryptocurrency mining, I'm speaking about coal mining, which, lengthy earlier than the start of Cryptocurrency, has been the black stain of the atmosphere and contributed to local weather change earlier than crypto mining even existed. What's worse is that these mining firms use low cost labor in third world nations to mine for coal, which is likely one of the most harmful and well being hazardous jobs on this planet, all for the sake of being as worthwhile as attainable.

All that is occurring, but these pretentious fucks wish to lecture us cryptocurrency miners about how we're a bane to the atmosphere? FUCK off. It wasn't my fault that oil and pure fuel was used as the primary energy supply of countries years earlier than I used to be born. Countries needed to actually invade and destroy nations and different peoples' lives for oil, but the identical politicians wish to level their fingers on miners.

You fucks wanna speak concerning the atmosphere? Change your predominant energy sources to inexperienced vitality, after which we'll speak. But for now, I'm simply gonna sit again and mute your voices over the sound of my 80 decibel miner.

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Edit 2: I'm seeing quite a few replies about Whataboutism. Your very personal houses, together with your plugged in electronics and home equipment, are consuming loads of vitality (even when these electronics and home equipment will not be in use). These glamorous Christmas lights that folks put up from November till Valentine's day, enormous vitality customers. Main level is that so long as nations are utilizing vitality sources that generate air pollution and greenhouse gases, each single necessity that we use (lights, vehicles, homes, computer systems) will negatively impression the atmosphere. In addition to that, and this particularly applies to Americans, I maintain listening to about HOAs that prohibit householders from putting in photo voltaic roof panels on their houses simply because they give the impression of being ugly or break the aesthetics, and add to that folks not liking wind generators as a result of they both look hideous or kill birds, or nuclear vitality as a result of folks suppose that one other Chernobyl is sure to occur. As lengthy as this mentality is prevalent, count on nothing to alter.

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