Technical discussions are becoming impossible in this subreddit and r/bitcoin and that’s a shame for anyone entering this space. If the price is the only thing that matters, and shilling your coins is the ultimate goal then let’s wrap it up moonbois and make it a meme-only r/cc

Simple topics made in 1 minute like this one are fun from time to time and they can get 10k+ upvotes but anything that has any kind of technical discussions on new features/updates that could actually benefit the whole industry (after all it's all open source remember) get's replies that boil down to:

  • never gonna happen, they are just lying (even if it is not just a simple whitepaper but actually a peer-reviewed paper meaning reviewed by their peers in their field and not by some Tronboi copy&pasting from Ethereum paper for example)
  • shilling the things that I HODL and don't care about anything else
  • my cult is the best cult and what my cult uses is the best
  • forgetting that we're in this industry together

I love r/cardano because the mods there ban shit like this and if you talk about the price or my dickchain is longer than your dickchain you get a warning.

Nobody's perfect, we all post stupid things sometimes but if we systematically discard anything else or any new ideas that are different from our own then we deserve to fall divided.

For example check my posts on reddit, I posted 3 technical posts about bitcoin with limited number of comments and then for fun I call out Max Keiser and it gets cult going…

Peace out moonbois & moongurls!

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