Some perspective: if you bought near the all time high and now your ADA/VET/ONE/ERGO/MATIC/etc is deep in the red, you’re still in a massively better position than the millions who chased shitcoins that don’t have a purpose

I was feeling down today and blamed myself for FOMO-ing near the all time highs, when I realized there are millions of people in much worse shape (and made worse decisions).

Most of my coins are down, but at least they're legitimate projects with real world applications and committed teams. The sun will shine on them again as long as development continues.

But people who got into SHIB, that lunar-based coin with a cool logo, and the poor misled souls over at cryptomoohnshots are just fucked.

They have 0 development that doesn't center around "hype". Their only chance of making a profit is if the entire crypto market rises again, and at that point all coins are going to rocket up anyway.

I realized that as long as I hold non-shitcoins, I have a massive leg up. ADA, VET, ONE, ERGO, MATIC, etc. have enough merits to jump on their own.

All I need to do is let them continue on their path.

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