Solana didn’t go down yesterday. It was nonetheless processing greater than Ethereum and Bitcoin.

I'm undecided what’s up with the modding right here nevertheless it permits fully incorrect FUD to persist right here. Solana by no means went down yesterday however did undergo from being lots slower than regular, with bot spam of excessive compute transactions crowding blockspace. Blocks included votes as normal and fewer transactions than regular however tps additionally doesn't have a lot nuance since a Raydium transaction requires over 100x the compute of many Serum transactions, which suggests bots spamming Raydium transaction take up a number of compute. The transaction charge mannequin that they’re transferring to will take into consideration compute which is able to hopefully disincentivize spamming higher. There are inefficiencies associated to processing these extra complicated transactions which Solana Labs and contributors are engaged on addressing. Solana nonetheless does almost 100k tps on testnet ddos assessments however with switch kind transactions.

If you need to discover the precise blocks in the course of the supposed outage yesterday you need to use Solana Explorer to take action. Blocks included votes and a lesser quantity of transactions — "failed" transactions aren’t transactions that are in Solana's model of a mempool, which generally has over 1,000,000 transactions ready. A failed transaction can happen due an individual not having required stability for instance — and failed transactions nonetheless pay a charge.

Lastly, Solana by no means "turned off" the community in September. If you assume so you may have been badly misinformed.

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