Professional skateboarder and Team USA Olympic athlete, Nyjah Huston, shills unknown shitcoin to his 4.7m followers on Instagram – and gets called out for it.

If you know anything about skateboarding, you've probably seen this dude skate. He is an absolute BEAST, and wins pretty much every single competition he enters. He is likely to win Gold in the first ever Street Skateboarding event in Tokyo later this month. He is also invested in crypto, apparently.

Here is what he posted yesterday as a caption for a clip of him skateboarding:

"Got a new coin I’m a part of called Bitcahon. If some of you fuck with Crypto you can get in there early before it hits the market in 4 months🚀 @bitachontoken #nfa"

Yes, he spelled the name wrong and also called it a coin rather than a token (it is an ERC token).

His followers were overwhelmingly against this, and aggressively called him out for shilling a shitcoin/scam token/pump and dump/rug pull. The Bitachon (how do you even say that?) instagram account was created in May of 2021, and has very little information about what the token actually does, claiming that "Bitachon is the true wealth of a person" and that a portion of the tokens will be donated to Jewish charities and communities (random, but ok). It seems to me like they are trying to sort of mimic Bitcoin, with a 21 million token cap, and obviously using Bit in their name.

It's unclear how big a part Nyjah himself plays in this project. He potentially just threw some money in there and wants to pump it. I personally don't see him purposely trying to scam his own fans, but I do believe it's likely that he really does think it's a solid project and wants to get the homies in on it before it moons. With its ITO going for $77 per token, I could see it tanking as soon as it hits the market.

What do you think?

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