People hold saying “we nonetheless must see alt season”. Yet each non secure prime 10 coin went up 140x on common this cycle. You are setting your self up with flawed expectations for dissapointment and in worst case flip away from crypto when an enormous downturn occurs. Set targets for 2030, not this cycle.

Ethereum: Went x60

Cadarno: Went x100 (lol @ ada sub for banning me btw when i mentioned it might fall again to 1 greenback)

BNB: Went x70

Solana: Went x333

Dot: Went x20 (attainable extra since of token change?)

XRP: Went x15 (supressed by SEC lawsuit)

Terra: Went x380

Its clear as day that a variety of alt cash had their time within the highlight. Claiming that alt season didnt occur but could be very naive and can harm you greater than you suppose. In worst case, discouraging new folks in crypto to get pushed out of the market solely. Thinking crypto is a "scam" and never staying concerned throughout down markets. This is the BIGGEST mistake you may make proper now. Lose curiosity and never hold researching alternatives for 2022/2023/2024 and so forth. Losses are quickly if you happen to perception available in the market and spend money on prospering initiatives. But lets not child ourselves right here and say that alt season has not been right here but….

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