ONLY 12 projects from top 100 in 2017 ever reached their previous ATHs. Do research when deciding what to hold longterm!!!

So I checked out coinmarketcap snapshot from the peak of previous bullrun (january 2018): and here are the results:

From top 100 those are the only projects that ever reached their ATHs (Ignored stablecoins like USDT):

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • BNB
  • DOGE (You could argue this only happened because of Musk and was not organic)
  • ETC (You could argue this wasnt organic either)
  • LTC
  • ADA
  • Vechain
  • Decred
  • Link
  • AAVE
  • BAT
  • Waves
  • DigiByte
  • Monero (According to coingecko it did not reach ATH, but got VERY close, so Im adding it to the list)

As for the others. Not only did they never reach previous ATHs, they didnt even get close. Except for a couple of exceptions every single project is still at least 60% down from the ATH. Also, lets not forget scams like Bitconnect. There are also some other coins I couldnt find on coingecko and am assuming they ended up being a scam. (I might've missed a coin or 2) Also those projects were down at least 60% during the peak of current bullrun. Its not like they just dropped along with the rest of the market (Sure some did, but most were long dead).

I was one of the people that got burnt in 2017, because I blindly followed this subs advice and held all my shitcoins. Recently I saw more and more posts telling newbies to simply hold through this. I just want to show you a different perspective to holding. It only works if you're holding correct projects. In 2017 you had 14% chance of buying correct projects if you only picked ones from top 100.

Of course Im not saying history will repeat itself. I dont know nearly enough to imply anything like that. Is this time different? I surely dont know. But I still strongly suggest, you guys do serious research when picking right coins to hold through what potentially looks like upcoming bear market.

Best of luck to all of us!

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