Need To Know Information: The current bull run has been almost identical to the Wyckoff theory. Inform yourselves, grow stronger with knowledge, support each other and don’t let institutions affect you. They are finally here.

Edit: The Wyckoff theory graph applied on the 2021 bull run.

This kind of information is good to be known by all of us, the average investor. This is not a reason to cause fud but to make us more knowledgeable and mature. Ιt doesn't matter if it plays out to the exact detail, because the market manipulation has already happened. We're actually in the last stage of it.

I'm surprised that this has rarely been mentioned here, if at all. Almost a month ago, this guy on youtube, made a very interesting analysis on how the Wyckoff theory has been applied at almost 100% during this bull cycle. It's amazing how all the stages are so similar to what we've been going through the last few months.

I strongly suggest to watch the video analysis. If you don't have the time, the quintessence is that the institutions have entered crypto and they have perfectly manipulated the current bull run. It looks like that we might go even lower (maybe see BTC in the 20-30s). However it's almost over and we're likely entering a bigger bull run right after that.

Remember, for the crypto market to mature, we need to make our research, invest in solid projects, support each other and grow together as a community.

Centralization causes competition and envy in order to keep everyone psychologically weak and fearful.

Decentralization works on teamwork, community, responsibility and knowledge, so we can all be strong together.

When someone makes money in crypto, it doesn't happen at the expense of his neighbor. On the contrary, it helps strengthening the market. When someone close to you makes money, it means that your financial independence is close too, as long as you are invested in projects which actually care about a truly decentralized society.

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