Nafter, the new social media platform.

Nafter is the next biggest thing to happen in the cryptocurrency world as it will fuse NFTs with the social media that we know and love. Nafter is the Instagram of NFTs and will allow users to mint, collect and sell their NFTs for free using the native NAFT token. They are launching their web app on Sept 3rd, 2021.

Nafter has recruited many ambassadors with over 17.5m followers and once the app launches, these ambassadors will get to werk! You can view all the updates and list of ambassadors at

You can also view more information from the source at and also follow them on Twitter @Nafterapp and Instagram nafterapp.

This platform is going to change the future for collectors and creators alike.

Don't miss this opportunity but if you don't want to invest and just want to mint your own images/video to sell, mark your calendars for Sept 3rd!!

App demo link:

August 27th Interview with CEO:

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