My experience trying to rationalize with garbagecoin fanatics

So there's this really shitty coin, its whole deal is that they're gonna make a $200 bottle of rum with it and incorporate an NFT into the bottle and somehow that's good for the coin.

Anyways, I dig into their official website linked from the coin page and they have an address and phone number listed to look legit! I tried calling the number for about a week straight, no voicemail, no answer and it's not even a CA area code….so I check the address they listed on Google maps. No logo on the building, but there are company cars with a logo on their cars so I google the company name on the car and it turns out that it's actually their company who is using the building and not the distillery. I call their business to confirm.

I relayed this over to the guys on satoshiSB (I've never bought a shitcoin guys I swear) and what followed was both insane and hilarious. Obvious attacks from all around. We're commenting back and forth with me stating stuff like "they're selling $200 bottles of rum and have never made rum before in their life" "they're blatantly lying about owning a distillery ect…"

One guy gets so fed up that he PM's me and comments multiple times that he wants to set up a fight, like legit he kept trying to act tough and make it happen "I'll drive out anywhere in northern CA" "come to Irvine" "meet me at my gym" ect…

One of the mods of the subreddit for that specific crypto even PM'd me this exact message:

"We know who you are. I have reported it to the MP admin team and they are considering taking legal action against you. Yes, they have a lawyer who has helped every step of the way. And social media threats and mininformation make for A GREAT CASE in this day and age. Trust me, this is your first and last warning."

You cannot make this shit up.

The best part though?? This was over a month ago, the crypto has since fallen around 98% and now has a 24 hr volume of less than $20,000.

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