Modi’s hypocrisy: Says crypto must not fall into wrong hands, crypto doesnt have data security etc. But not a word about Indian government itself getting hacked last week and leaking KYC of 43m citizens.

Today Indian PM Modi sounded the alarm on crypto, claiming it shouldnt fall into wrong hands. He then said crypto doesnt have good data security, governance is an issue etc.

But few days ago, India's securities KYC database got hacked, and the KYC of over 44m people is available online, leaked by the hackers. Data includes names, address, KYC documents, holdings of people etc.

This is the state of India government's data security. The govt has not said a word about it, and national media doesnt cover this.. because obviously it will show the government in a bad light.

How the hell does this guy have a straight face to say crypto data protection is bad when his own govt can't protect its citizens data?

His government's i.e India's Attorney General thinks data is safe, because its behind 13 feet high walls. Lmao

To hell with these buffoons.

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