[META] It’s a little sad to see this community shitting on the BTC Conference after seeing a few clips go viral. This community avidly defended crypto FUD last month but seem to be falling for it this month

I'm sure many of you have seen the clips that have gone viral from BTC's Miami Conference.

  • Max Keiser tearing up $10 bills, baptizing people and screaming on stage like a lunatic

  • The disgusting "BTC Toxic Maximalism is freedom" garbage

  • The kid that jumped on stage to scream "DOGE to the moon!"

  • Floyd Mayfeather attempting to say another coin may pass BTC and getting booed for it

The thing I want to point out that should be obvious, is that the BTC Conference was a multi-day event with dozens of speakers. There was 8 hours of live streamed content every day. People discussed topics like

  • Macro economics

  • Mining and green mining

  • Market structure and how to invest safely

  • Morality of Crypto and driving sentiment

  • Growth and Adoption

  • On chain analytics

  • BTC for billions, NOT billionaires

  • How to build a BTC bank

  • Banking the unbanked

  • History of money

  • How to profitably mine at home

  • Fiat Fascism VS Bitcoin Sovereignism

  • What to do if your country bans BTC

  • What happened in 1971

  • How to avoid excess taxes on BTC

  • How to make Texas BTC friendly

  • BTC ETFs

  • Lightening network and instant settlement

On top of all this we heard very inspiring stories about how BTC is changing lives around the world. Scott Harrison's clean water for Africa charity using BTC.

Jack Mallers was so emotional talking about El Salvador and how he believes switching to sound and hard money will help empower the underprivileged. It was inspiring to see how much he truly cares. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_59hrgTiRJU

There was SO MUCH good and quality stuff that came from this conference yet the r/cryptocurrency community is treating it like it's the enemy and not an ally bc some maxis pissed them off.

The lesson here is to not fall for headlines. Similar to how you all looked passed the mass media FUD last month, I encourage you to look passed it again and see what really took place in Miami.


Above is the channel that posted each panel as a separate video so they're easier to find. I suggest some of you watch them and see how calm, educational, rational and interesting many of the panels were.

Last thing- I can't find the clip (someone help) but the toxic maxi crowd was ridiculed by the panel that followed them and that got cheers from the crowd. Something that obviously won't go viral bc vitriol and mockery is entertaining, but truth isn't.

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