I’m uninterested in individuals considering decentralisation means == “honest”. Decentralisation has nothing to do with equity, rightness or wrongness. In crypto (and p2p file sharing) decentralisation is used to keep away from central level of failure, primarily it is used so the authorities (police) cannot shut you down.

Satoshi created bitcoin as a p2p system not as a result of he thought it could be "fair" on individuals concerned or as a result of he thought decentralisation was to be worshipped as some "holy truth on fairness for everything" (like a few of you might be doing). Satoshi created a p2p bitcoin as a result of he didn't need his challenge to he shut down by legislation enforcement, he had no different selection.

But now, individuals have taken the that means decentralisation and began idolising it and twisted it to imply different issues.

"Oh this project is good because it's decentralised".

"This project is bad because it's not as decentralised".

The phrase "decentralisation" is beginning to awfully sound just like the phrase "socialism".

Decentralisation is a way used to keep away from the community utterly taking place if authorities get entangled, it's used each in crypto and file sharing. How software program shoppers speak with each other in a p2p method to keep away from having a central server because the go between. If one node will get shut down by the authorities in a p2p system, it doesn't deliver the entire community down and issues preserve chugging alongside.

No the place in a decentralised community does it state with the intention to be thought-about "decentralised" the sources required to be a participant (node) has to appease the poor man's pc setup. Decentralisation makes no guarantees on equity. Decentralisation is about community uptime and uptime solely.

So I'm uninterested in all these examples like "Solana isn't decentralised because it cost more money to operate a node than on Ethereum" crap.

Just cease! You're making your self look dumb and haven’t any clue what decentralisation is meant to imply.

Rant over

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