If you’re in your 20s, and have made the entry at ATH, don’t be scared/worried about this ‘dip’, you’re young, you can take the risk of getting into a volatile market like this. Close your trading app, enjoy the weekend, spend some time with your family, or focus on your work/study.

And definitely don't be like my friend… He skipped meals, sleep and spent most of his day focusing on the charts, even during work and got fired yesterday. He's young, he'll find another job… But that's a good lesson learned. Focus on your life, enjoy it… don't hamper everything else to look at green/red dildos… It's gonna do it's own thing, whether you look on it or not is not going to change anything, except for your mental health maybe.

You're not going to retire tommorow, you should see crypto as a long term investment, like any other investment… Don't try to become a millionaire overnight… Put some money aside for crypto every month, keep investing little by little into projects you believe in (do your research, don't dump your savings into shitcoins) and forget about it. This is not a financial advise obviously, I'm nowhere near qualified for that, just my two cents..

And if you're feeling suicidal, please remember, this isn't the end of everything.


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