If you guys think cryptocurrency cultish behavior is bad, you should see the cultish behavior around my countries currency. We have “In God We Trust” on our paper dollars and a bunch of other cultish imagery. It’s the most cultish thing I’ve seen. People practically worship this thing

You wouldn't believe the things I've seen some people do for this paper that is melting in value faster and faster every day.

I don't know if you've heard of it, but the cultish behavior around it is crazy. I've literally seen people die over this thing; rob people of their lives over it, and in most cases, rob people of all their time over this thing.

Heck, I've seen my country go to war with poor countries over this thing, killing hundreds of thousands of impoverished people from poor countries just to protect their paper dollar when its world reserve petra dollar currency status is threatened even slightly.

It's a sad thing to see when a society is so enamored with a currency that is failing that they will literally work all their lives until their dying day just to try and save what little they can of it, meanwhile, it loses value so fast that everything they need to buy to just to live keeps costing them more and more of this worthless currency that they're struggling and slaving away to save. It's so worthless, that most cannot even afford to save meaningful quantities of it fast enough to keep up with the rate that it loses value. Hell, in reality, most have to take credit just to get by because this thing loses value so fast. Some end up taking loans so large that they can never pay it off in a whole lifetime of work, making them in a sense serfs, or in other translations of the word serfdom: debt slaves.

You'd think people would realize their currency is shit when lifelong debt is oftentimes their only option to get a roof over their heads or an education, yet everyone in my country loves this paper dollar so much they can't see beyond the charade of its "In God We Trust" and cultish image inscriptions.

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