I hate being poor. I’ve done all this research, and all the money I have to put in crypto is going into crypto. It’s not much, but I hope crypto can give me the leg up to do things I’ve dreamed of like…

-Having a house

-Getting a car that can actually handle my new england dirt road

-Getting decent insurance that can actually cover the things I need (especially tooth work)

-Making my full 6k contributions to my IRA

-pay off my student loans (they're only 15k, but that's still out of reach)

-Only work part time and still get ahead

That's my crypto dream. I'm don't have a large enough investment to get retirement money in one go, but I might be able to move towards a more sustainable life.

What's your crypto dream?

I'm especially curious if, like me, you make less than 30k/yr, and if you make more, like, please acknowledge that you do. It's hard for me to remember that some of you make a LOT more than I currently can.

Not asking you to doxx yourself, but to find language that says clearly that you're not forced to choose between investing and housing/meals/emergency savings.

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