I did a little digging on the latest shitcoin being promoted on reddit today and uncovered a network of paid accounts for hire (or How Shillers Abuse Reddit to Recruit You in Rugpulls)

I opened reddit today and was greeted by this wall of posts from several crypto subreddits.


Right off the bat, things are dodgy at best. Notice that:

  • All posts were created at roughly the same time
  • All posted by a single account
  • They have very similar comment counts
  • They have very similar upvotes
  • Yes, there's A LOT of shitcoin subreddits


1. First let's look at AnisaCoggin, Master of Canine Shitcoins™

This is the user who made all the posts above, and they actually seem like a real person. At least they used to be a person because:

  • Had normal comment and post activity on various topics and subreddits in the first few months of the account
  • Then spent the next 3 years in a pupal phase to get rid of their humanity with complete radio silence and 0 posts and 0 comments
  • Finally re-emerged 2 months ago as the beautiful Master of Canine Shitcoins™ exclusively posting dodgy shit

Now they’re just a husk possessed by some evil spirit.


In the past 2 months alone, this user has been a major spokesperson/scam recruiter for at least 3 shitcoins, including $ROCKSTARDOGE, $BABY DOGE BILLIONNAIRE, and $SHIBANAUT.

Take note that in their posts they claim to be part of the development team based in Germany.


They also like going Karen mode on anyone who calls out this bullshit.


Here's the most recent one where they replied to a user who called them a scammer with a history of vote manipulation:

You clearly don't even know the DEFITION of 'scammer', maybe you should go and read a dictionary and EDUCATE YOURSELF before SPREADING LIES or better yet, go back to SCHOOL because it looks like you skipped it huh? Uneducated moron – you are the same person sitting on your laptop all day commenting the same lies on EVERY PROJECT – anybody can see that by simply opening your profile – it's pathetic, get a life.


And another one:

Dear Brainless Fool, this is a very real project and almost every other project uses this platform to get the word out. Don't mention the 'scam' word with ZERO knowledge about the project nor proof of anything, because there is none. This is a well established team from the creators of BABYDB. DYOR before spreading your filth and lies on our post – thank you. Oh, and you're reported – you're welcome


2. Now let's look at their "community" of supporters (the shitcoin mercenary army)

Not surprisingly, none of them are real people. This is a spam/bot account network that you can hire to increase visibility of your posts.


All the posts about $ROCKSTARDOGE (their most recent rugpull scam) have a lot of comments that are eerily similar. These are extremely short and low effort like:

  • To the moon 🚀
  • LEt's go get it!😍
  • Don't miss this 100X gem 🚀🚀
  • Enthusiast to this project🥰
  • Nice

But if you look at the profiles of all these commenters, you'll see they post the exact same comments across multiple posts and subreddits.


The goal of this deception is to generate social proof and make the coin appear legit with an active community.

  • They have 0 activity outside of shill threads
  • All have 0 post and comment karma (can't upvote each other because Reddit will flag them all for manipulation)
  • Most usernames follow the default template reddit gives new accounts


3. Here's my favorite demonstration of this mercenary shill account network for hire

Check out this specific post about $ROCKSTARDOGE. It has 829 upvotes and 288 comments. Wow that’s a popular post.


But now check the subreddit it was posted in. It only has 23 subscribers. Where did all these upvotes and comments come from??


Yup they’re all from the same network of spam accounts. Look at the comments yourself.


This is what all these accounts do: they get deployed into shitcoin threads who pay them to upvote and fill it with copy pasted comments.

Here are a couple accounts you can check for yourself:


4. TLDR – What you can learn from this

  • There are scammers on reddit that introduce new shitcoins every month
  • They use a network of bot accounts to increase visibility of their coin
  • This network bombards posts with upvotes and positive comments to make their coin look legitimate
  • If you ever visit moonshot threads, remember that everyone on reddit is a bot except you
  • They don't hide any of this because, well who's going to do anything about it?

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