Hi fam, I’m back to help you folks to check your karma count. The CSV is out and should be pinned. Check the hot posts! For those who are not able to open on their phones or desktops, please leave a comment and I’ll give you your KARMA COUNT.

We may have a lot of new people here this time as well. Find the CSV file from the latest moon distribution post and search for your name and find your Karma count. If you can't, just leave a comment and I'll do it for you.

The RATIO for this month is roughly 0.1885 as calculated by the smart guy on the post who I will definitely tag here in a bit.

To get your moon count, just multiply your karma with 0.1885

Example if your karma is 100, you get 100 x 0.1885 = 18 moons.

So anyone who isn't able or is just too lazy to open the CSV, leave a comment. I'll give you your Karma Count.


EDIT thanks u/mjrice for your calculations!

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