GoMeat Token – Empowering Local Specialty Stores Using Blockchain

PRESS RELEASE. GoMeat Services (https://gomeat.io) is a digital marketplace connecting consumers with their local specialty (halal/kosher) stores. Since its launch in 2019, GoMeat has processed over 6k orders and garnered over 5k loyal users. GoMeat application and website bring convenience to the doorstep of specialty consumers by providing web-based ordering and same-day delivery options. GoMeat is the first project of its kind serving this $1.7 trillion industry and empowering local specialty stores.

Specialty meat refers to any meat prepared following strict guidelines. Any meat slaughtered and prepared according to Islamic principles is called Halal meanwhile the meat prepared according to Jewish guidelines is called Kosher. The same applies to foods and beverages.

While specialty meat certainly is a niche but it is a massive one with over 1.8 billion consumers around the world. These consumers are not just restricted to the Middle East as globalization and increased awareness about the hygienic preparation methods have made them quite popular in the past ten years thus leading to a $32+ billion market in North America alone. Despite the presence of over 10,000 specialty meat stores in the US alone, no dedicated delivery service has catered to this group until GoMeat’s launch in 2019.

Specialty Industry Problems GoMeat Solutions

Over 90% specialty stores do not have the resources to go digital

GoMeat provides stores with a tablet (no setup fee), extensive marketing, 12/7 customer support & delivery

Specialty food consumers have no dedicated delivery service

GoMeat provides fresh same-day delivery, 12/7 customer support, amazing discounts & loyalty program

Traditional Specialty meat certification has proven to be costly, inefficient, fraudulent and risky

In-app Blockchain-based certifications will keep stores, customers & certification boards notified about a store’s specialty verification

Traditional specialty meat supply chain has no traceability in case of contamination or outbreak

Blockchain-based distributed ledger will keep track of the meat from the farm to the store to ensure easy accountability and traceability


Buying meat from one’s local butcher may seem like a mundane chore but for a specialty consumer, it can mean looking forward to long lines and a chaotic in-store environment. Most of these stores are family-owned businesses that have been passed down through generations and do not possess the resources to go digital.

GoMeat’s whitepaper was written all the way back in 2017 and the goal was always blockchain centric but the company wanted to prove their business case first. After 3 years of learning in the market, GoMeat finally launched its pre-ICO on 24th of June which sold out 2 weeks early and reached the soft-cap target within a month.

Token Name GoMeat
Token Ticker GOMT
Chain Hydra Chain
Total Supply 5 Million
Tokens in ICO 1.75 Million
Price $1/GOMT
Soft-Cap $250k (already achieved)
Hard-Cap $1.5 Million
Cap/person 25k GOMT


Within 2 months of ICO launch, GoMeat has already sold over 50% of its total ICO supply, with less than 40k GOMT left for tier 1. GoMeat has a lot going for it, on top of an amazing team and experienced founders, the project is the first of its kind in the market with a limited supply and excellent burn economy. With the pre-ICO and tier 1 getting sold out, GoMeat is exploring launching IEO on exchanges for tier 2 and 3.

Salient Burn Features:

  • All unsold tokens will be burnt
  • 3% GoMeat revenue will be burnt starting with the quarter following ICO completion. “Meaty Bot” on GoMeat telegram reports the burn and order amount, within a span of over a month, it has already reported a burn of almost 800 GOMT
  • 4% revenue in 2022 and 5% in 2023 will be burnt quarterly
  • Upon hitting $3 Mil in annualized gross volume, an additional 3% will be burnt every quarter
  • An additional 3% will be burnt for every order paid using crypto

To reward early investors, GoMeat introduced tier-based bonuses

Tier Allocated Tokens Bonus Duration (2021)
Tier 1 750k GOMT 15% Bonus 25 Aug – 14 Sep
Tier 2 350k GOMT 10% Bonus 20 Days (TBD)
Tier 3 250k GOMT 5% Bonus 20 Days (TBD)


Hydra “Steaking”:

While GOMT itself cannot be staked but it does offer a lucrative staking incentive, exclusively for the ICO buyers. The reward amount is based on the amount invested and how long it has been invested.

STEP 1: Buy GOMT using Hydra

STEP 2: All collected Hydra gets staked in one wallet for a year

STEP 3: Staking rewards are proportionally distributed amongst the participants in the form of GOMT.

GoMeat Token is the first project of its kind and has an excellent burn economy and team working hard behind the scenes. Over 60% have sold out and less than a month is left for the end of the ICO. The best time to buy is now (https://gomeat.io/icopanel/) . Get your early bird bonus and earn additional GOMT through the referral program!


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