Gaming’s Bright Future: How Crypto Can Change the Paradigm of “Pay-to-Win”

The reverse mullet token?

Business in the front, party in the back er..uh I mean the other way around

D0GIRA is all about creating gaming ecosystems via their SDKs they will be developing throughout the Summer so they are all business…but in the back. Recently they had a memecoin front (the party) but flipped that aound and are currently updating all sites with their new logo.

Before getting into recent news and an outlook into the future, a brief introduction about D0GIRA and the KEY points of the project:

D0GIRA aims to bring the power of the blockchain to game developers and creators by providing unique gaming services, supported by an NFT Ecosystem. Through building a SDK/API’s for popular game engines, game developers could use this services to enhance their games with native blockchain elements or implement an Anti cheat technology based on Blockchain-level verification, the possibilities are endless.Lead by an engineering team rooted in Blockchain, Gaming, and Cloud Service Development, $D0GIRA has everything in place to create a true utility token to shape the future of Invesment NFTs, and Blockchain Native Gaming.

No Tokens for Vitalik Buterin

Re-frame it as much as you want, it turned out using Vitalik Buterin as a “burn wallet” for a marketing stunt, wasn’t the greatest idea. As funny and ridiculous it might seem at first, the underlying message of this sort of actions, is far more serious. For an investor, the KEY question is: Is my investment secure and are the people in charge competent and professional?Well, let’s see what the lead developer of D0GIRA has to say about this matter:” FYI, $D0GIRA never sent VB any tokens. "No tokens for Bogdan. No tokens for Vitalik. Only tokens for you, and D0GIRA"

Large exchange listing and marketing partners upcoming

The D0GIRA team is currently in talks with a large exchange and new marketing partners. As well known, these things come with expensive fees – but both are a strong necessity to get things moving to the next stage. So, how is a small marketcap coin going to be able to realize the funding for this costs?As the liquidity was recently unlocked, a well thought out strategic move is going to be made: A maximum of 50-60% of the liquidity (leaving it at a very healthy/very above average 6-7% liquidity backing) will be removed at an unspecified time over the weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun), and no later than 11:59pm (UTC) on Sunday 16th. Those funds will then be used directly on getting D0GIRA onto big exchanges, and onto big platforms for advertising the services and features that the project has in the works. This will mean, that D0GIRA will essentially be a small marketcap coin, with a marketing/CEX listing budget that'd make some of the big hitters envious – while also enabling D0GIRA to finally grow like every other coin in the small mCap category. The remaining ETH will be placed back into Locked Liquidity on a month-by-month basis, until the deployment of the V2 Contract; at which point, the liquidity will be moved into the V2 Pool, and re-locked once again.

Partnerships with $R3AU, Vira-Lata Finance and

$R3AU is an open source, decentralized project, created to help include Brazilians in the cryptocurrency world. R3AU provides a safe financial system that is easy to use, and helps make a difference through charitable donations. Starting on the 17th, R3AU will have D0GIRA’s logo on their website leading to a landing page, which will allow to easily donate to the animal shelters supported by R3AU.Alongside this, the D0GIRA team are working directly on investment/donation NFTs (The last value-focused NFT sold out in under 10 hours, generating $35,000 for marketing efforts) that contribute directly to R3AU's supported Shelters! In addition, all donations made either through direct contributions, or through NFTs will be displayed proudly on R3AU's homepage! started life as a small meme token – and with the guiding hand of an excellent core team, they've become one of the leading community & animal charity tokens in cryptocurrency today.B1NGUS donated a total of nearly $30.000 to various animal charities so far. D0GIRA will be working together on joint campaigns to multiply the donation amount towards these charity groups. Alongside this, D0GIRA will be working with B1NGUS to expand their own offerings in the utility and NFT worlds, helping to solidify a long-term partnership for the two growing tokens.


  • D0GIRA is kicking of a key campaign for B1NGUS today (15th of May), by pledging $20.000 on behalf of MoistCr1TiKal
  • AMA sit down with one of R3AU’s members, and one of D0GIRA’s team members on the 16th of May
  • Split or Steal (#1 steam game by lead developer Eoghan Hayes) D0GIRA event takes place at end of may, with the chance of winning up to 20k in D0GIRA.
  • New website being finalized.
  • A whitepaper further unpacking the D0GIRA usecases and utility will be releasing in May, written by co-developer Chris Husse.

Latest News

  • D0GIRA made the top 5 of Top Satoshi Club April Guests – best price performance
  • D0GIRA was featured at the Miami Crypto Expo 2021.
  • The first manga NFT, The D0GIRA Chronicles, just dropped. More chapters to come!

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