Fine. I’ll say it. Millenials, GenX. If we start charging set values of crypto for goods and services. We can reclaim what the Boomers and Silent generation stole from us. They took our money. THEY RETIRED at 55. Get real. Time to reclaim it.

They retired as early as 55. Many at 62. While I'll be working till I'm dead. And I've done all I can to prevent that. College, job at 50k out of school. I still won't get there. I didn't need my degree to understand that. Social security is theft at this point. Demand your paycheck in Cryptocurrency. You don't have to get USD for your job. More than just NFL players can ask for this. Many of you have salary jobs. All of them can be negotiable. Start with full salary as BTC. Then settle for bonus in ETH. Lol. We gotta make moves as a group. This is how crypto will get used and get real value.

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