Don’t award karma for MOON purposes to removed threads and comments within

Currently when a post is removed, the karma for that post and all the comments within is still counted towards MOON distribution calculations. The reason for this goes back to when we used to have meme weekends – we wanted people's karma to count even though all meme posts were removed on Sunday at midnight.

However, that has not been the case for many months now, and several people have pointed out that it doesn't really make sense for someone to get karma for posts that are removed, especially posts that are breaking the rules. So, in this poll we propose not counting karma from removed posts, for the post itself and for all the comments contained within. This would also affect comments removed in threads that are left up. Any karma from removed comments or posts would not be counted towards MOON distribution calculation.

This post would not affect deleted posts, only those removed by mods or reddit.

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