Did your altcoin simply moon? Great! Now promote 15% of the bag. Hodl the remaining for the subsequent liftoff, or purchase the subsequent dip along with your new positive aspects. It’s a simple rule of thumb to be sure you’re all the time taking income

It's really easy to get caught on, "oh no, I shouldn't sell the whole bag because what if it goes up more!" And dammit, you're proper to wanna maintain.

But this can be a recreation of earning profits, and if that's your objective you want to promote into euphoria

When you're seeing double digit p.c positive aspects in your coin, it's time to make that commerce and promote a bit little bit of the bag.

There's normally a pleasant dip afterwards and also you'll be glad you've received the powder to burn.

And if there's not a dip afterwards, you've received 85% of your unique bag to determine to carry or promote.

Finally, if the coin really tanks afterwards then, you’ve got some USDC that's far more tradable than your ElonCumRocket.

It's really a win-win-win

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