Cryptowisser : Bitcoin and Ethereum Synergy Essential for Crypto Industry Growth

PRESS RELEASE. August 2021, leading Crypto service comparison site – Cryptowisser, compares the two cornerstones of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Ethereum. The latest analysis of the market focused on the pioneering cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum. But, differing from the usual Bitcoin vs Ethereum analysis, the focus is on the benefits of both and how they work in synergy to give the industry the strong foundations it needs to grow.

Bitcoin and Ethereum

The article takes us on a brief journey back in time, highlighting the key stages of Bitcoins’ progression up until the release of Ethereum in 2015 and how that changed the landscape of the industry. The introduction of crypto-based businesses and ICOs was a turning point, which has led us to the rapidly-evolving market we see today.

As well as exploring the history of the coins, the focus is on how Bitcoin and Ethereum work to support one another and act independently. From the Proof of Work and Proof of Stake consensus mechanisms to the functionality and potential of each currency, no stone is left unturned. Both protocols have their unique values and faults, which are highlighted and explained in some depth.

Finally, there are some points which are underlined for each coin, with recommendations on how to benefit from a portfolio that supports both Bitcoin and Ethereum. There is a broad understanding of the cryptocurrency market and how it may evolve in the coming years, discussing the recent Ethereum updates and how the blockchain is moving to Ethereum 2.0. While the industry is still in its infancy, there is a lot to look forward to based on the explanations made in this article.

Cryptowisser is a cryptocurrency services comparison site with the world’s largest, most frequently updated and most trusted lists of cryptocurrency exchanges, news, wallets, debit cards and merchants. With more than 1,000 reviews of the various exchanges, debit cards, wallets and merchants, they help you make all of your purchasing decisions and service choices in the crypto world.

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