Crypto is not temporary thing, it will not dissapear or fall in few years. If you think it will, you haven’t been paying attention to lessons should learn from introduction of internet or mobile phones.

I don't like this bullshit that crypto is terribly risky, that it can dissapear in any moment and even coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum can go to 0.

Yes, crypto is risky, but not riskier that crossing road or cooking dinner. Risk involved in crypto is acceptable. It is 2,2 trillion $ business, it not gonna fall just because someone will sneeze. Yes, some coins can go down, especially shitcoins, but not whole crypto. That is why you should always diversify and DYOR to be fine, even if one or two your coins will be failures. Bitcoin was declared dead over 430 times ( around 40 times just this year). Suprise, suprise nothing happened.

The same shit people talked about internet and mobile phones. I am just 22 years old and from europe, but even I remember it.

"Why would I need mobile phone? (my dad asked uncle when I was 5/6 years old), it is stupid gadget, we have already phone at home." My uncle had mobile phone because he worked in New York, in some american company, after 3/4 years he get new one, so he give old one to my dad. Dad wasn't happy but started to use it, cause it was free. Phones weren't too popular then. Most neighbours told this was waste of money. My first phone I had when I was 10/11. I used it rarely, calls were expensive, internet even more. I also thought it is useless gadget, that can be used only to call parents or do photos.

"Internet is temporary toy and will have no impact for the world", most people liked to tell. For most people it was another useless thing for teenagers that sat whole days in front of the computer. When I had computer lessons in primary school we used internet only to play famous then internet games. Even economy nobel prize winner in 1998 Paul Kruegman believed internet will end like fax machines and slowly die until 2005.

Don't you see simillarities of those situations with crypto today? History is repeating. Many people smashed internet 20 years ago, and instead of learning a lesson they repeat the same mistake again. A lot of people, even many of us still can't see full potential of crypto. You behave exactly like those that were unable to see potential of mobile phones and internet, if you believe crypto can at this stage just come to the end.

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