Candidate for Mayor Promises to Make NYC the Most Cryptocurrency-Friendly City in US

Candidate for Mayor Promises to Make NYC the Most Cryptocurrency-Friendly City in US

Curtis Sliwa, a candidate for New York City (NYC) mayor, said that he will make his city “the most cryptocurrency-friendly city” in the U.S. if he is elected. He joins a growing list of mayors and mayoral candidates in growing cryptocurrency adoption.

Mayoral Candidate Plans to Turn NYC Into the Most Crypto-Friendly City

NYC mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa has shared his vision to make New York City the most cryptocurrency-friendly place in the U.S. Sliwa, a radio talk show host, is the founder and chief executive officer of the Guardian Angels, a nonprofit organization of unarmed crime prevention.

He tweeted Wednesday: “As NYC Mayor, I will make NYC the most cryptocurrency-friendly city in the nation. Property taxes, fines & fees will be payable in crypto. We will open more crypto ATMs & incentivize businesses to accept crypto. We must modernize our economy & make it accessible for all!”

Candidate for Mayor Promises to Make NYC the Most Cryptocurrency-Friendly City in US

Sliwa is not the only mayoral candidate for NYC who wants to see the city becoming a crypto hub.

Brooklyn Borough President and former police officer Eric Adams, who is also currently running for mayor of NYC, promised in June that in one year New York will be “the center of all technology,” including “the center of bitcoins.” While Adams won the Democratic mayoral primary and Silwa prevailed in the Republican mayoral primary.

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang was also running for mayor of New York City when he promised that as mayor he would invest in making the city “a hub for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.” Yang is also pro-universal basic income (UBI) and wants to launch “the largest basic income program in history.”

A few other mayors in U.S. cities have made efforts to boost the adoption of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The mayor of the U.S. city of Jackson, Tennessee, recently said that the price of BTC will keep rising as the Fed continues to print money. He believes that bitcoin is “definitely the future monetary system.”

The mayor of Miami, Florida, has been working to get his city to allow payments in BTC and possibly keeping some bitcoin in its treasury. Meanwhile, the mayor of Cool Valley, Missouri, is raising funds in order to give bitcoin to all residents in his city.

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