Binance is staying quiet about a unfortunate event 3 days ago

TLDR: Binance listed a new coin, it didn't work the way it should, delisted it and buyers are left with nothing.

3 days ago Binance listed GYEN, a new stablecoin backed to the YEN currency.

As soon as the token goes live, people buy in and price rises, which isn't supposed to happen to a stablecoin. Binance takes note of this and suspends trading.

From there on out, radio silence. Binance has delisted GYEN and holders who bought the token are left with way less or nothing as to what they bought into.

No one speaks about this. It's quite worrisome how they can just keep silent and make people forget any of this happened.

Just look at the amount of people commenting on their twitter post, so many people just got rugged out of the blue, on a "safe" exchange.

The reason I made this post is to make you remember that no matter the safe a exchange feels, they too can just shut you down and leave you with zero.

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