Hello, I'm not very active on Reddit however the situation I have faced today has led to me making this post to warn others. I had been wrongfully locked out of my account permanently, my money is theirs without being given an opportunity to prove myself despite asking, and I will be taking the L and moving on, but not before I spread some awareness to possibly save someone else from this.

I had been with for the past year, primarily using their staking and taking advantage of the 1% rebate on payments. I had built this false trust with ignoring any reports about people being permanently locked out of their accounts and cheated out of their money since it sounds ridiculous and would not happen to me as I'm not doing anything suspicious, Oh boy how I found out I was wrong. reserves the right to permanently terminate your account without giving a reason, like most other companies however it seems like they abuse this. Suspicion is enough for them to take your account and all that money you have been staking or holding with them permanently with no explanation as to what you might've been suspect of.

Today I transferred more money into my account to buy a washing machine since the one I have has been broken for 2 weeks now, a regular transaction. Well, that was what I thought but I had my account terminated today for "breaching terms and conditions". This was given from the support member's "higher-ups" and an actual reason was not given even to him as (I quote) "the answer that I was met with is that it is out of my paygrade to know". I know right, the most ridiculous this I've heard in my life. Some top-secret crimes stuff I've done apparently. What is more, BS is the "termination is permanent, all funds with it are lost", which is another way of saying it's their money now. Their first decision was final and did not provide me an opportunity to investigate it further despite being given my total compliance to solve the issue.

All I was given was the "terms and services", which I have read and not broken. The line "We reserve the right to suspend, restrict or terminate your access to any or all of our Services and to deactivate your account" is probably in every company's ToS however I have not experienced abuse of this from any company until decided to do it to me.

The rebates and staking were great however at the risk of losing all of my money in a moment from some BS like this, I would rather have my funds elsewhere. You're free to do what you want however I am warning those who see this not to put all your eggs in one basket, especially with as they can terminate your account at their convenience and after having them do that to me and take my money, I'm going to use my power to spread awareness about this. I'm not going to get my money back despite my attempts to but I can help prevent this from happening to other people, so even if you don't believe me, at least diversify so if it happens to you it isn't so bad. When I think of punishing people for suspecting innocent people I think of the Gestapo, but now I also think of

For evidence, it's a 2hr long conversation so I'll update this if I'm missing anything important they said.

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