ANN – ICO – The world’s first crypto currency cash-back 🚀 pre-sale

ANN – ICO – The world’s first crypto currency cash-back 🚀 pre-sale

ANN - ICO - The world’s first crypto currency cash-back 🚀 pre-sale

DISCLAMER: This is NOT a sh*t/scam/meme coin, it's an actual project backed by several investors/accelerators (more information about the team/project can be found on the whitepaper).We will be holding live AMA's with the founders to get more information about the project, please make sure to follow us on Telegram and Twitter. Please do your own research before investing a single dollar with us, if you have any questions we will be more than happy to answer.

What is takecoin?

takecoin, a utility token built on Stellar's Blockchain, the official cryptocurrency of its mother marketplace "take cashback" where people can find several local businesses offering interesting cash-backs; for example, users can pay for their next meal and get cash-back right after paying with the app. Users of "take cashback" app have the freedom to choose either to pay using fiat, crypto, or takecoin.

Hard cap: 165,000,000.00 XLM

Limited Max total supply: 100 billion token

Issuer account status: LOCKED (can not issue more tokens).


Main website:

Stellar explorer:

Why takecoin and not others?

Main features:

* Paying bills, sending takecoin from a user to another (example: from a user to a merchant).

* Very fast, secure transactions.

* Zero transaction fee, there will be absolutely no fee when paying merchants.

* Higher cash-back rates for users who pay using takecoin (the higher the number of tokens a user holds, the higher the cash-back).

* Very small fee (for merchants accepting payments in takecoin)

What's the ICO token price?

1 TAKE = 0.022 XLM

Can it reach 10x, 100x, 1000x 🚀 ?

Mathematically it can, but nothing is guaranteed. However, as we are a technology company managed by highly experienced people on the field, we work hard to follow our plan and roadmap. We believe, that we as well as our investors, be rewarded for the hard work/investment done on the project.

How to participate on the ICO?

Actually, you can right now swap XLM to TAKE on following the link:

Visit this tutorial for more information:


Medium announcement:

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