ADVICE – Start trading directly from your wallet on Binance and Kucoin (and also find the best prices for every coin) with Orion Terminal

Actually, I am baffled that many people don’t know this yet.

Everytime I see people complaining about exchange trading and holding their coins in exchanges because of the withdrawal fees I become numb.

If you go to you can trade directly from Kucoin and Binance exchanges FROM YOUR WALLET. No exchange withdrawal fees, no nothing.

Orion Protocol (ORN) actually aggregates centralized and decentralized in a single exchange so that you always find the best price for a coin all the time. This also leaves some space for easy arbitrage if you are into that.

It’s a project growing by the day and right now the number of coins is not the full amount in both exchanges but it is growing by the day.

To explain this better, imagine a “Google” of all the exchanges. The trades are also performed in the exchange itself so it is basically are using the normal platform.

Hope I helped you guys.

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